Hello! My name is Kaitie Goodson (nee Crawford) 

I have been taking pictures of things and people for a number of years, but more recently in the past 4ish year's I've taking a knack to it. I've become more invested in the outcome, the product and the people involved in the pictures. I want to use my pictures to show not only their love but my love for them as humans or animal or nature to shine through them.

I've also been known for my words (in a positive light I promise). I enjoy reading and writing my feelings. Sometimes I express them online but often times they get written on a notepad and are never to be seen again until I stumble upon the box full of little writings.

I hope to change that with this. Keeping an online diary if you will. It will not be everyday, but then again, it might. But my pictures. That's the real reason.

My hopes is that someone, maybe even you, will see them or read this and be inspired to do the same thing or maybe finish that painting you've been meaning to finish for a Christmas present 6 years ago. Whatever it may be, this space is for my creativity to flow and maybe help yours too.

This is all for now. Thank you and know that just by reading this I am so filled with happiness and joy!

Much love,