Learn More About Me

Learn More About Me

Hi, I'm Kaitie Goodson.

I am a lifestyle photographer based out of Jackson, MO.

What's lifestyle photography? I am an "in the moment" gal, making your memories tangible for you to keep forever. Capturing life and all its raw and real emotions.

I've been taking photos for nearly 15 years, my father taught me the basics of how to work a camera in manual and I've been learning and growing since then!

My life has and always will be family-centered, which means you and your family become important to me! I enjoy life to its fullest and love capturing people loving life right along with me.

From high school on my mother had always told me I should pursue my passion of photography. I thought she was crazy, until others told me the same thing. It took watching my mom fight and pass away from cancer to give me that wake up call - life is short, do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life!

Long story short, after my mother had passed away I took a bite out of the elephant and started my own business, and here we are today!

I hope I can work with you for whatever your occasion is so we can capture those sweet moments for you to keep the rest of your life!

Meet Emily!

Emily Reyes is your Hair and Makeup Artist! She is part of an amazing styling team at Plush Salon, her job is to make you extra glamorous for your session! Ms. Emily is known for her loving nature, edgy style, and wonderful laugh! You are in fantastic hands with her skills! Whether you just need something light and natural or if you want to go full glam she's here for you!

Sadie Jean & Ezra Hart

I am a Mama! I am slightly obsessed with taking pictures of my sweet babies but, I mean... Look at them! They too much fun and if you book anything with me you will more than likely meet one or both of them! Sadie is the best assistant and sidekick I could ask for... Oh and her daddy too! Ezra will just make you smile!