WOW! 2020 has been one HECK of a whirlwind! From going to Hawaii to being on lockdown at my house. Giving birth to Sadie and now navigating the wonderful thing called being a parent! Sadie is now 6 months old and our live has FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN! She is amazing, hilarious, strong and stubborn. I am enjoying being a mama and I love watching Aaron being a Daddy.

Balancing photography and being a mom is sometimes quite hard. Gigs pop up and bringing Sadie along is always my first choice, sometimes she does fantastic just being with me. Sometimes she decides she would like to throw a tantrum! That's when mother-in-laws and husbands come to the rescue, they keep Sadie entertained while I take the pictures!

Aaron and I decided to take the leap on wedding promotion, I.E. I am now featured on The Knot and Wedding Wire!

It was a very long talk and a lot of praying about this decision but so far... ONE Booking! 2 months on the market and 1 locked in and 2 more hopefuls!

I am super excited to continue this journey and see what other wonderful things I can get my hands on!

TTFN, Ta-Ta for now!